Exuberant Animal

I am fresh out of an Exuberant Animal Trainer Jam. Here are a few reasons why I love Exuberant Animal:

  • Frank Forencich has an intense mustache, moves his body fluidly, and can lecture on neurobiology, ecology, and paleoanthropology in the same breath.
  • Dr. Kwame Brown has a Ph.D. in developmental neuroscience, prefers the tango over the samba, and curses like a sailor for emphasis.
  • I met a dozen other incredible people this weekend, including Colin Pistell from Fifth Ape and Jason C. Brown from BJJWorkouts.com.
  • We moved, played, learned, all while acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of a diversity of perspectives and topics.
  • Influences included martial arts, yoga, dance, gymnastics, parkour, in addition to neuroscience, Taoism, social psychology, paleoanthropology, and endocrinology.
  • I got dirty from rolling around on the ground (always a plus for me).

I plan on a lengthier, more involved post this week combining some things I have learned so far from CrossFit, MovNat, and Exuberant Animal, amongst other things (Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connections seminar, Ido Portal’s Floreio website, etc.). Thanks for reading!


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