Ultimately I aim to bring a unique perspective to every coaching and teaching situation, but here are a few testimonials from prior athletes and students:

From CrossFit Charlottesville members:

  • “Chris has the best energy and motivation I see in the gym. I always feel like I gave it my all when I work with him.”

  • “Also way to go Chris! You have been so helpful when classes are over-crowded or late to start and have done a great job keeping things running smoothly and on time. I appreciate the extra advice when you walk around during another trainer’s class.”

  • “I’ve appreciated Chris’s structured, goal-directed programming that has distinct phases (e.g., raw strength phrase, strength-endurance phase, etc).”

From students in drum corps and indoor drumline:

  • “I just wanted to thank you for everything. You have taught me more than you’ll ever know. Your attitude, vibe, approach, style, and sheer love for what we do has inspired me so much. YOU are one of my biggest influences.”

  • “A lot of people stop pursuing their true dreams and goals as they get older; instead they become content and stop investing in themselves. I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the few people that I still look up to in that aspect.”


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. When asked to write a letter of recommendation for Chris, an analogy of merging streams popped into my head. Prior to their meeting, they flow smoothly and are easy to navigate and their actions are predictable, but at the point where they combine, their flow becomes somewhat unpredictable, eddies and small whitecaps develop, and there is a degree of turbulence and increased velocity, a Gestalt is attained. Now imagine that these streams are ideas. Chris not only wants to study each individual idea stream, he wants to put himself in the place where they mesh so he can experience and understand and the full ramifications of their convergence.

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