New Music Video

Hey there! Lots has happened since I last updated this blog:

  • Recorded an album and filmed a music video (see below) with The Anatomy of Frank
  • Finished the indoor drumline season with George Mason University
  • Traveled to Guatemala with Jenni Gabriela

Lots is also on the way:

As I’ll be away from CrossFit Charlottesville for most of the summer, I plan to modify my training accordingly. I hope to run the Trail Runner Ultra Race of Champions in September (50K trail option), so I will do one sprinting session and one long run each week. Without ready access to weights, I will be doing lots of bodyweight exercises, including working on skills from Ido Portal’s Floreio ArtGymnastics WOD, and Gymnastics Bodies. Given that eating well and sleeping enough will be challenging, I expect to lose some strength and weight.

Okay, as promised, here is “Saturday Morning” by The Anatomy of Frank. Much thanks to Brian Witmer for filming and editing!


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