Reflections on Not Owning a TV

About a month ago Jenni and I sold our TV. Neither of us barely ever used it, except for getting sucked into watching “Chopped” or “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” on Food TV. Now not only is our living room that much more spacious, but our free time is that much more peaceful and static-free. Occasionally we cave in and watch a movie on one of our laptops, but otherwise I really feel like it has freed up a bit of time to do more important things, such as:

  • Walk more
  • Cook better
  • Read more
  • Talk to each other

Now it’s completely possible that getting rid of our TV simply correlated with these effects rather than caused them, but regardless the sentiment holds true. I highly recommend not owning a TV if your goals include more free time, better health, better relationships, and more mindfulness.


One thought on “Reflections on Not Owning a TV

  1. When I was single and poor after college in 2000, I sold my TV. It was nice. My favorite thing to do was listen to Atlanta Braves games every night on am radio. The game felt more intimate, and to this day, I prefer listening to games rather than watching them. I could really talk about this subject for a long period of time, but going without TV is a plus. Commercials make you dumber.

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