Rules from Nate Green’s Hero Handbook

I recently read Nate Green’s free e-book “The Hero Handbook” and highly recommend it. It’s 136 pages of no-bullshit advice on life, from nutrition to workouts to finances to goal-setting. Nate’s writing works well as an occasional reminder of where you’re headed and how to get there.

In one chapter he has you actually write down your own “rules” for life. Here are my top six, loosely based on what Nate wrote:

  1. Move and play (well, creatively, passionately) so as to inspire others to move and play.
  2. Practice health: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially.
  3. Engage openly and honestly with my nuclear family and close friends.
  4. Experience new opportunities abroad, in music, fitness, spiritually, health, etc.
  5. Share my accumulated wisdom, without ego, for the benefit of others.
  6. Change this list at any time, whenever I see fit.

A bit cheesy for sure, but adopting a larger framework within which to operate seems like a good choice to me.



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