Positive Psychology

I will be doing some work as a research assistant in Jonathan Haidt‘s Morality and Positive Psychology Lab this semester. Specifically, I’ll be helping out Jesse Kluver with some of his studies on synchronous behavior and groups, and we might even study CrossFitters and marching percussionists.

And, oh yeah, I’m applying to UPenn’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program this spring. The application is due March 1st, so it’s time to take the GRE’s, ask for recommendations, and do my best to sell myself on paper!

Toss in some CrossFit classes, rehearsing and recording with The Anatomy of Frank and another band (tentatively) called Stories in Stone, and teaching George Mason University’s indoor drumline and Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps on the weekends, and you have the next several months of my life.

Did I mention Jenni Lopez and I are going to Guatemala in May?


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